Commission for Silent Party.

Have been asked to pitch a work for The Boon Companions‘ upcoming silent party work in May.

See All That We Cannot Say

Initial Ruminations:

  • Proximity as a theme – human theramin. The room as a human synthesiser with each person as a component. Cf. the Reactable.
  • Headphones connected individually worn stethoscopes – make multi-channel. Different channels pertain to different parts of the body, or a map, or a maze. Interrogate and explore the silent spaces using stethoscopes as your only tool for sonic bearings.
  • Sonic Wunderkammer – big cabinet or entire room that audience member can plug into with cans. A cabinet of curiosities. Depending on what they are plugged in to they get either:
    • A different part of the story
    • A different story
    • A different aspect of something
    • Do these different parts integrate like for example Chris Ware’s Building Stories?
  • Record Player – Serrato Scratch connects to pulse nodes which are worn by the audience member. These nodes vibrate accordingly, reacting differently to different aspects of the sound. Audience members are ‘served’ menus of the different node placement options – sexual, ticklish, relaxation, etc. like a massage menu.
  • Psychoacoustically discombobulate person using sonic and phase tricks to create a ongoing drug-like experience. Either the people tuned into this can go from one space to another and still be ‘tuned’ into it OR it only happens in one room – dressed like LaMonte Young’s Dream House.





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