Idea #10 – Traintime.

Continued from Last Stop.

I revisited the spot where my train had taken the life of that anonymous person. A piece of fabric that had been used by the first responders remained but other than that there was nothing to identify what had happened only twelve hours earlier. No memorial, no flowers, nothing.

I had been thinking about that person all day, how the lives of that persons family and friends and loved ones had been different today.

Apparently the death was not considered a suicide. That meant someone accidentally walked under the train, possibly on their way home to bed.

The next day at 7am I rode the same train and recorded the audio and video. I needed to somehow purge myself of what I had experienced by making peace with it whilst also respectfully honouring a life. I’m not sure if I’ll use what I recorded but it felt important to capture it at that time, exactly twenty-four hours later.


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