Idea #12 – Game Symphony.

AFL Symphony.

Harvest the GPS player data from an AFL game and transpose onto sound generators to create a symphony of sorts. Each player could correspond to an instrument in the modern orchestra. Create certain conditions within the data crunching program (Max? PD?) to ensure the outcome is musical (or not).

How would certain players and positions best map to certain instruments in the orchestra? Players with high possession counts would be like violins whilst full forwards and fullbacks who don’t see much of the ball may be like the triangle or timpani (especially as the timpani usually communicates tension and suspense which is the state of things when a full-forward has the ball and a goal is impending).

Different players could modify the sound generators of other players. This could be inter- or intra- team. Players could be classed as signal generators or signal modifiers depending on their form, history, position, role, etc.

This could be an idea to explore with Johannes Kriedler (works with data sonification) when he is visiting the faculty next semester.

Screen shot 2011-09-16 at 9.54.19 AM-thumb-400x282-57173
‘Game signature’ – tracked movements throughout a game.
images (1)
GPS sensor seen at top of ‘4’.
Another example of a graphic representation of game data.


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