Final Presentation.

Screen grab of remote web cam viewer.

Decided to present the work live. The video was projected within a white box in Brunswick. A webcam was set up broadcast this via an online link or app. When I pressed unmute on the projector in class my cohort was immediately presented with the live image, the outcome of my experiments. I didn’t want to crowd the gravity of the image with talk or on-process diagrams or what not. The whole process of playing with the work this semester has been about removing options, simplifying and distilling.

The tech component took a long to get stable. For a while I thought I was going to have present the concept rather than the actual work as the link could not be relied upon and I had no one in the space to troubleshoot if the link dropped out, etc.

Outcomes and realisations:

  • The sheets are the things! An occasional breeze swept through the space and rustled the sheets. This mede the sheets in the video undulate and come to life.
  • Project the webcam image in a gallery space so that the space in which the original projection is happening is separate from the public space and never accessible).
  • Could the external space actually be the space which is pictured in the video? I still have access to that space and it now looks a lot different, having been cleaned and renovated in preparation for sale.
  • This piece may be better without sound. At least composed sound. The holding piece that I used for this presentation cam across way to heavy-handed. Sound/music should not be used in this piece to engineer emotion or reflection. That has taken me a while to let go of. Could the sonic component simply be the terrible quality webcam mic capturing the ambient sound bleed from the projection space?
  • Sheets in the white box were used for expediency but could they act as a continuation of the bed sheets? What of the stains, extend this?
  • The subtle wind ripple as symbolic of breath.

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