Idea #16 – Voices of Mass Transit.

Interrogation of loud people on public transport.

Possible scenarios:

  • Performer on public transport and covered in acoustic panelling / absorbent material and obviously conspicuous (if not also taking up too much space too). Loud voices and/or sound sources attract the performer to them. The loud person may or may not understand the connection. Performer gets as close as they can to the sound source. Statement on sound in public space. Brings attention of other commuters to the sound source (which is already probably raising attention).
  • Using a portable recording set-up, record the loud sound source in real-time and then play it back at the same volume. Witness as this makes the sound source feel conspicuous and also hopefully discombobulate their voice production (like when there’s a delay in hearing one’s own voice whilst on a phone call).

Too comical but worth referencing:

sound suit 1
Nick Cave’s Sound Suits
sound suit 2

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