Idea #18 – Drawing Kinesis.

Kinetic drawing.

When I was about ten and growing up in the country I would walk a couple of kilometres to the bus stop every morning and back again in the afternoon. For a while I spent this time holding a pencil to paper, letting the vibrations from my footfall on the unpaved roads sketch a representation of the terrain of the trip. The end product, I thought, would somehow contain hidden information about the topography of my journey. I never did anything with these abstractions.

I have begun to revisit this work.

Points of investigation:

  • How sketches of the same route change over time and how this is influenced by the human conduit. How could this be said to be representative of the walker’s emotional state, diet, energy levels, motivation for making the journey?
  • Comparisons between the sketches taken from different journeys – city, bush, dirt trails, travelators.
  • Check out the work of Cameron Robins.

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