D.A.Calf is a sound and installation artist, musician, composer and producer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is the founder of The Institute Studio and co-founder of The Guerrilla Museum, an immersive theatre/live art company.

His latest immersive installation Last Words in a Hearse debuted simultaneously in three working hearses at Dark Mofo 2016, while sound suite Hurtz debuted in a live electrical substation for Melbourne Music Week 2014. His debut live art piece, Funeral, presented by The Guerrilla Museum, premiered in 2014 and has since appeared at Dark MOFO 2015, Melbourne Festival 2016 and Brisbane Festival 2015. His installation work deals with death and archival and cartographic material.

In 2014 he released the first in a series of geographical sound suites 1: Sltrmr / Dieppe 1 / Dieppe 2 recorded in Europe.

As a composer he performs and releases under his own name and as The Book of Ships and ‘YARTS and has toured Australia, the US, UK and Europe.

He is also a session and touring musician (Near Myth, Mike Noga, The General Assembly, Low Talk, Single Twin, Sal Kimber & The Rollin’ Wheel) and producer/engineer (Mojo Juju, Kira Puru, The Seabellies, The General Assembly) and sound designer (Sydney International Airport, Royal Botanical Gardens of Sydney, The Guerrilla Museum, The Boon Companions).